VIR: 2-days: 1 Fee: Full Course, Sun & Mon | Presented by: Quantum Speed Works Sun-Mon, 10/15/2023 - 10/16/23

Registration Status

VIR, VIR: 2-days: Full Course
Sun-Mon, 10/15/2023 - 10/16/23
VIR: 2-days: 1 Fee: Full Course, Sun & Mon | Presented by: Quantum Speed Works
Event Manager: James Pomroy

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novice/green: SOLD OUT
solo/yellow: SOLD OUT
intermediate solo/blue: SOLD OUT
advanced solo/red: SOLD OUT
Instructors: SOLD OUT

Essential Information

  • Track Event Registration: $679
  • Second Driver Fee (read details below): $190
  • Coaching fee, applicable for novice drivers: $100
  • Register on this page for 2-day participation, Sunday & Monday.
  • RV camping: overnight paddock stays are permitted: user must pay a fee to VIR at the gate. 
  • Private event: Guests, family or crew of registered drivers must be on the gate guest list for access to the paddock.
  • Chin format: only 3 run groups, limited enrollment, 3.5 hours daily scheduled track time for each group.
  • GARAGES: A limited number of private garages are available for rent from VIR. Please contact the track directly.
  • Full description of the format
  • Premium Private coaching with Ethan Low is offered at this event.
    • Pro-coaching with Ethan can be booked for the entire, or half-day. Please send a message to to book.

Presented by:

VIR's on-site provider of track car service, support

Custom wheels for all applications. Discounts to Chin members

Click for quote on optional on-track insurance:

Guidance for Instructors

  • The instructor quota has been filled.
  • Current Chin instructors: Please send a message to, to be added to the waiting list.
  • For new instructors, registration is available only with prior approval.
    Please see our instructor criteria.
  • Track fees are always complimentary for instructors
  • Current membership in Chin Track Days is required, as it is for all drivers, however is complimentary for instructors.

Schedule/Tech Sheet/Track Map

Food and Drink

  • VIR concession stand will be open for breakfast and lunch
  • Drivers are on your own for all food and beverage
  • Always bring a supply of DRINKING WATER!

Recommended Hotels


  • VIR has a requirement for fixed 4-point (or better) roll bars, or 3-point hoops behind the seat for roadsters.
    This is a strict track standard. Street convertibles and cabriolets with OEM roll protection
    are generally NOT ACCEPTED.

Co-Drivers/Car Sharing

  • Co-drivers are welcome, sharing a car in the same run group.
  • Please note: 2 drivers in 2 different run groups requires 2 primary registrations.
  • A 2nd driver can be added to any primary registration for an additional $190/2-day fee.
  • Like all drivers, a co-driver must have current membership in Chin Track Days.


  • Like most track time car clubs, Chin Track Days has an annual membership.
    A driver must have first have a member account and password to complete registration.
  • Current members may login and complete registration here: Chin Track Days Login Page
  • If you are not yet a member, first complete our online enrollment here:New Members