The first step for any driver to participate is to complete our online membership enrollment. Annual dues are $50 for a 12-month membership. Once enrolled, a new member then receives a password to login for event registration. For new members, our system default for driver status is NOVICE. So, if you are an experienced track driver, you must send an email to with a summary of track history to request exemption from the novice category. Unless you provide background, you will be classified as a novice driver, by default.

  • For the entry-level/novice driver, we assign a qualified instructor. The instructor accompanies the driver as a passenger while you drive on track. The driver receives real-time feedback and coaching on advanced driving skills, track etiquette, and safety. Our novice driver training also includes 2 hours of indoor classroom instruction. A Master Instructor provides lecture training on car control, vehicle dynamics, road course fundamentals, and safety.
  • If you are an experienced veteran of the track, please send an email of track history to request eligibility for solo status. Experienced drivers can also enjoy the freedom of our long sessions and generous schedule, to get maximum track time for practice or testing. Even though there is no competition at our track events, competition prepared cars are welcomed.

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