On selected track dates, Chin Track Days will offer a special format: Open Track | Skilled Drivers is intended to give experienced drivers the opportunity to participate with total freedom. No assigned run groups. No session deadlines. It's pure unrestricted open track time, only stopping for lunch period. Total enrollment is appropriately limited.

Driver Eligibility

Open Track | Skilled Drivers format will require previous solo qualification, including prior experience at the track that is offered, as well as 15+ days of track experience, minimum. A novice category is not available for events with this format.

One of the important skills associated with the Open Track | Skilled drivers format is a high comfort level with passing anywhere on the lap. Confidence with going side-by-side through corners. Drivers must have some sort of experience with this passing format. Although the minimum experience level is 15 days on track, the median skill level of the field will be about 40+ days experience.

Instructor-qualified drivers are welcome to register to participate as solo drivers.

Open Track | Skilled Drivers Event Dates

  • Sebring: Friday, January 26th
  • Sebring: Friday, February 16th
  • Sebring: Friday, May 10th
  • Sebring: Friday, September 13th
  • Daytona: Friday, October 11th
  • Sebring: Friday, December 13th